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Executive Coaching Package

Executive Coaching Now offers a variety of coaching services that are designed to meet your needs.  Whether accessing quick, just-in-time coaching through our Hotline or signing up for a longer-term coaching package, we are here to support your evolution as a leader.

Why hire an executive coach?

  • Greater clarity regarding what’s next or where to from here.
  • Work on specific development areas – leverage strengths, manage weaknesses.
  • Build a relationship with a seasoned executive coach who will provide a confidential space, thinking partnership and a sounding board.
  • Get to the next level or evaluate the next level.
  • Support from an objective, experienced who has your best interest at heart.

How do coaching packages work ?

Executive Coaching Now provides the opportunity to work with a number of coaches through our Hotline to determine which coach would best fit your situation.  Research shows that success of the coaching process is in part determined by the fit between the leader and the coach.

After you’ve selected a coach, a typical first step in working with the executive coach is a discovery process where you explore and discuss what you would like to achieve from the coaching engagement – what would success look like.  Depending on the desired outcomes, next steps could involve leadership assessments, goal setting and creating an action plan.  The process varies and is customized to meet your needs.

How I prepare for an executive coaching session ?

To help you get the most out of conversations with your coach, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Come to the sessions prepared.
  • To the best of your ability, complete any work you’ve committed to do between coaching sessions.
  • Look for additional resources that support your success (your coach might have suggestions).
  • Be willing to receive feedback.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Visualize success

for Mid-Level Leaders

Option 1
  • 6 hours over 3 months

Option 2
  • 10 hours over 6 months

for Senior Leaders and Executives

Option 1
  • Unlimited Coaching over 3 months

Option 2
  • Unlimited Coaching over 6 months

Once you select a package, you will be prompted to enter the name of the coach you would like to work with for the coaching engagement.If you have any questions on our packages, please send them or Send them now