How to Be a Good Leader | 8 Essential Leadership Skills

An effective leader is anyone that generates an inspiring vision and motivates others to achieve the vision. We need great leaders to help us create the best world we can for ourselves and future generations. 

Some people are born leaders and find themselves influencing people and teams. It doesn't matter what position they have in the company or community. Having leadership skills could help you guide whatever communities you are a part of to achieve great goals.

Are you looking to develop your leadership skills? Then keep reading for 8 essential skills you must learn if you want to know how to be a good leader.

1. Vision

Vision is the most important skill anyone must develop when learning how to be a good leader. It is the ability to see the greatest future possibilities of a team or organization. On top of having a vision, leaders must also be able to inspire and influence their teams to buy into their vision.

Great leaders use their enthusiasm and emotional intelligence to gather followers. But poor leaders resort to manipulation and coercion to make people do their will.

Many people who manage a team get confused with leaders and are expected to have visions. Leaders are different from managers. While anyone with leadership skills can be a leader, managers have a position of leadership over their team.

People generally follow their managers’ instructions because they respect the manager's hierarchical position. Surprisingly, many managers lack leadership skills which makes them ineffective at their jobs.

2. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a must-have skill if you are learning how to be a good leader. To survive the current business environment, a leader must be able to think creatively to stay ahead of their competitors. Leaders must know how to make the most of their team's strengths and the opportunities in the market. At the same time, the leader should find ways to remove any weaknesses their team has as well as reduce any threats to their organizations.

3. Communication Skills

A great leader must make others understand and buy into their vision for an organization or team. This is impossible without great communication skills. Communication involves knowing how to write and speak to people in a way that persuades them to take your intended action.

Great communication skills also need great people skills. You must know how to influence people using tools such as respect and kindness.

Also, remember that proper communication goes both ways so great leaders have great listening skills. They seek their team’s opinion on any important tasks and have an open-door policy that allows employees to approach them with any issues.

Proper communication skills can ease workplace conflict and tensions. This skill can also help build trust and create an environment around it where people are free to speak the mind about anything about the team or company.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has become a popular subject in the business world. A big part of it is self-awareness. Self-awareness can help you identify any character flaws that may be making you ineffective as a leader.

Empathy is another important element of emotional intelligence that all leaders must-have. Leading with empathy helps you bond with your team as putting yourself in their shoes shows that you care for them. People are always loyal and responsive to those that they like. We could say that emotional intelligence allows a leader to increase their charisma, making it easier for them to influence followers.

5. Adaptable

Great leaders embrace change and are willing to learn any new technologies or processes that can advance their goals. They are also adaptable and flexible when plans get changed. We are living in a world whereby innovations are happening daily.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have completely changed the way some industries operate. Leaders must be able to adjust to any changes in the business environment if they are to survive or thrive.

6. Reliability

The reliability of leaders often gets overlooked but it is an important skill to have. When a team loses confidence in the integrity or reliability of its leader, it becomes hard to influence or motivate them. Leaders can prove their reliability by fulfilling their promises, putting their team’s safety and wellbeing first and even by giving proper credit for any team accomplishments. Responsible leaders also choose to always do what is right even when that is an inconvenience to their operations.

7. Grit

Leaders are visionaries so they are willing to be patient and can stick to a plan for years without losing faith that their vision will come to pass. Life is never straightforward and every so often we get a devastating blow to our plans. Great leaders can take disappointments positively and continue pursuing their vision. Many of the largest organizations in the world like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft wouldn’t exist today if not for their leader’s grit and tenacity.

Along with grit, leaders are also very courageous. They often speak up in meetings if there is something they don’t agree with. Courageous leaders are great for organizations as they are eager to point out areas of improvement for the company.

8. Decisiveness

Another great quality of a good leader is their ability to make decisions. Great leaders reach their decisions quickly and rarely change their minds. This is because they are clear on what their vision and values are. Ineffective leaders waste a lot of time trying to make simple decisions and always need to consult before deciding.

Learn How To Be a Good Leader

Successful leaders all have the above-mentioned traits and this is what makes them great at leadership. While some people are born with these skills, most of us can develop good leadership through experience, training, and coaching. Learning how to be a good leader can open up plenty of opportunities for your future.

If you're looking to enhance your value skills to position yourself as a leader in your industry, don't hesitate to contact us today for assistance.