How to make most of it ?

Preparing for Your Coaching Session:
Maximize Focus and Impact

What do you want from your coach?

Which of these strategies would you most like your coach to encourage and help you with during the session? Please identify and prioritize your top 5.

  • Reflecting on what matters most to me
  • Getting more from myself relative to one specific area in my life
  • Focusing on and solving a problem where I feel stuck
  • Understanding and dealing with challenging relationships in a more constructive manner
  • Focusing on more constructively addressing and overcoming obstacles that might interfere with my progress during the coaching
  • Maintaining progress in the realm of personal development
  • Turning around a difficult, problematic situation(assuming the situation is able to be changed)
  • Adjusting to a difficult, problematic situation (assuming the situation cannot be changed)
  • Taking steps forward to solve my problem, after which I will continue my own efforts to move forward
  • Taking steps forward relative to my own personal development, after which I will continue my own efforts to move forward

What is your focus area for the session?

  • What is your intention for the session? What do you want for/from yourself, from your coach?
  • What issue –situation –topic –obstacle is of prime importance for you and your coach to focus on during the session?
  • Why is the issue –situation –topic –obstacle of prime importance to you?
  • What, if any, ideas have helped you so far relative to this issue –situation –topic –obstacle?
  • When thinking about the issue –situation –topic –obstacle, how do you feel? And, why?
  • What outcome would you hope for, like to see from the coaching session?
  • What indicators would be present if you achieve the outcome?