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Leadership Coaching


Great leaders… some are born and most of us have to work at it. As we move through our careers, we gain a sense of our strengths and weaknesses. We learn from our mistakes, or at least we try to, and apply that learning and wisdom to do things more-better-differently the next time around. This process takes time. It can take a lot of time, sometimes time we don’t have as we are “on the court” as leaders.  Mid-level leadership coaching supports directors, managers, and aspiring leaders to assess and enhance their leadership competencies for greater success.

Time is an infinite resource, yet we continue to place infinite demands on it.

~ Schwartz & McCarthy

What if, what if you could speed up the process to becoming one of the great leaders?

What if the opportunity presented itself such that you could hone your leadership skills more effectively in less time?

Benefits of Mid-Level Leadership Coaching

That is what leadership coaching can do.  It takes commitment to improving.  It takes an open mind and a willingness to let go of old paradigms of thinking (mindsets).  It takes courage and trust – in yourself as a person, as a leader and in your coach.

Mid-level leadership coaching is a joint venture between you as the leader and your coach (sometimes several coaches over time).  The coach helps you to work through immediate issues and concerns and also helps you develop your effectiveness as a leader.  Whether you currently sit in a positional leadership role or you’ve been identified as a “high potential” leader or you simply want to step into a higher level of performance as a leader, coaching can help you get there.

Build Your Leadership Capacity for Better Results

Build Your Leadership Capacity for Better Results

Grow Your Skills with a Leadership Coach

Some clients grow skillsets, others leverage strengths, some have transformative experiences through the coaching process.  The choice is yours as a leader.  Our coaches are trained to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go (even if you may not know where that is just yet).  Yes, there are many leadership coaching models out there and competency models to identify key leadership skills.  Our coaches are well-versed in these tools and resources.  The bottom line is a coach is there to help you: figure out (assess) where you are (through conversations, formal assessments, etc.) and where you want (or need) to be, draft an action plan to get there, and work the plan to realize gains in whatever areas you desire.  For some clients, that means developing new leadership skills or leveraging strengths.  For others, it may be creating a stronger foundation of overall personal balance, resilience and wellness.

A Leadership Coach Partners For Your Success

A Leadership Coach Partners For Your Success

What is a Leadership Coach?

If you’ve ever played sports (or not), think of a “coach”.  What does he or she do?  A highly skilled coach recognizes talent.  Sometimes that talent is apparent, while at other times it’s latent… it's potential waiting to be released and applied.  Good coaches also look for what a player is doing right and celebrating the wins (however big or small).  Coaches are invested in the success of the players and when a player needs work in a certain area, he or she partners with that player to create a plan designed to address the skill or mindset necessary to realize higher potential and success.  Sports coaches help players excel on the field, on the court, on the course in a literal sense.  Leadership coaches help players (leaders) on a metaphorical court in similar kinds of ways.

Often the terms “leadership coaching” or “mid-level leadership coaching" are used interchangeably with “executive coaching”.  We let you make the distinction relative to the coaching packages we offer and our coaches bring the same level of empathy and readiness to be of service.  With all of our clients, we utilize leadership coaching principles grounded in experience, training and certifications.  Our world-class coaches each have their own style and approach to leadership coaching skills.  We encourage you to speak with a few coaches to find one that is a best match.

How Can You Be a Better Leader?

How Can You Be a Better Leader?