Live On Demand Executive Coaching: The ECN Difference

Executive Coaching Now was founded with a vision to provide excellent service, yet in a unique way.
Here a few things about us that you may not find elsewhere as a collection…

Live On Demand Executive Coaching

We realize that issues and situations come up such that speaking with an experienced executive coach at that moment can be incredibly helpful.  Progress can happen in a brief “spot coaching” phone conversation and that’s why we offer immediate help via phone or audio call – confidential (and can be anonymous). We're set up to help you via live on demand executive coaching.

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Live On Demand Executive Coaching
Access Live On Demand Executive Coaching and Traditional Coaching Packages

Not Your Traditional Executive Coaching Model

  • You have options: 1) a traditional coaching package of 3- or 6- months and/or 2) access live on demand executive coaching that's pay by the minute, pay as you go.
  • You have more options: traditional executive coaching focus areas, life coaching areas and/or career coaching areas to provide holistic support to you as a leader (or aspiring leader) at any level.

Our Coaches – Specifically Trained to Provide Live On Demand Executive Coaching

  • Each is a Certified LaserQuik™ and TeleCoachPro™ Coach
  • LaserQuik™ is specialized training designed to deliver concise, powerful coaching that distills to the essence of the issue/challenge/focus. It’s brief (though can be applied during longer conversations and over time), it’s a mindset that rests on a foundational belief is that even a brief conversation can make a positive difference for coaching client. It supports our ability to provide live on demand executive coaching.
  • TeleCoachPro™: In a virtual world, we don’t always have the luxury to sit down face-to-face for executive coaching sessions (nor at this point may we want to). Our coaches are trained to maximize the time of virtual coaching sessions.
  • Many ECN coaches are ICF-certified (International Coach Federation) coaches and/or are graduates of ICF-certified coach training programs.
  • Many have additional certifications: leadership assessments, wellness, health, plant-based eating/nutrition, somatic coaching, and so on.
  • Most have advanced degrees, including Doctorate and Masters levels.
  • Some are former or retired executives themselves.
  • Their experience spans many sectors and industries such as Federal government, healthcare, financial, technology, and more.
  • Many have experience working with coaching clients across the globe.

On your journey to selecting a coach, consider this Forbes article that suggests qualities to look for in a great executive coach.


  • Inherent in the fabric of executive coaching is a keen interest and curiosity about clients and the waters in which they swim.
  • What’s important to you and why?
  • How can I be of service in helping you achieve your goals?
  • ECN coaches seem to have an extra level of curiosity combined with the desire to make a positive difference in their leadership effectiveness and their lives.
Help When You Need It Via Live On Demand Executive Coaching


  • What a good coach does is listen to you as the client.
  • What a great coach does is to listen deeply and also hold the space for you, without judgment or assumption and take a stand for your success. ECN coaches have enormous capacity in this regard.


  • Some coaches fall into coaching, perhaps looking for something new to try.
  • ECN coaches are deeply connected to the work of executive coaching. You will find they are driven with significant passion for and connection with the work itself. It’s part of their DNA.
  • This unwavering connection is unsurpassed
Live On Demand Executive Coaching


  • You will discover that our coaches are committed to you, putting much thought and effort into the coaching partnership.
  • You might also discover that ECN coaches are also committed to furthering their own development and skills as an executive coach. They continue to learn and grow to evolve in their ability to be better coaches and better human beings.


  • Unlike other coaching groups, affiliations and networks out there, we recognize the importance and the benefits to supporting our community of ECN coaches.
  • Our collective ongoingly stays in communication, helping one another as needed in order to bring our highest and best selves to you.
Live On Demand Executive Coaching