Warp Speed

Warp Speed:  The New Norm

~ Reina Bach with Dr. Windy Dryer – professor, author, speaker an all-around great guy ~

Leaders today might feel like they’re aboard the USS Enterprise traveling at warp speed on some mystical episode of Star Trek.  Decisions, challenges, opportunities, change, markets, politics, requirements are coming at us like space debris or unexplored planets and galaxies.  To maintain warp speed in the rapid, ever-changing climate that we’re in, we need something responsive to support us.

A Drop of Coaching is Better Than None

Research shows that much can be accomplished during one conversation.  One coaching conversation can make a positive difference.  A single session of coaching is designed to last for one session in order to address pressing issues, challenges and concerns.  One session can evolve into an ongoing coaching conversation if the need exists, but “at-the-moment” helps in-the-moment. 

Here are just a few examples where one coaching session can help:

  • Giving a speech in a few hours and feeling anxious?
  • Need to make a decision in the next two hours, but finding it hard to step back, get clear and sort through the variables and potential outcomes?
  • Working through an interpersonal conflict between people on your team and feeling like you’ve tried everything?
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or even burned out?  Need more energy?
  • Feeling disconnected from your employees because you’re all working virtually?
  • Has your employee engagement and productivity dropped, but not sure what to do?

Single-Session “Hotline” vs. Traditional Coaching

  • Mindset

Traditional executive coaching is an ongoing process, perhaps limited with the number of sessions at the outset, perhaps not.  The coach helps you to identify areas in which you’d like to develop yourself, then focus and work on those particular areas between coaching sessions.

“Hotline” coaching is one conversation, without necessarily being linked to future coaching sessions.  The mindset is towards helping you address what’s present (a pressing issue, situation, interpersonal challenge, etc.) during that one conversation so you can move forward or get unstuck.  Special coach training on this “single-session” coaching is important for success outcomes.  

  • Laser Focus

The “hotline” coaching conversation focuses on what matters to you at that moment so there is real benefit from even one session.  The starting point is always in terms of what you want to achieve by the end of the session.  Professionals who do ongoing (traditional) coaching can bring this laser focus to the work and bring a more holistic viewpoint to even the small amount of time in a single session.

  • Meaningful Takeaway

The focus is not “let’s schedule our next session”, but rather “let’s wait to see how you do, how you implement things first”.

  • Right Away

Get immediate help without having to make an appointment days or even weeks ahead of time or having to go through some leadership assessment before you can get the help you need.

Only you can do it, but you don’t have to do it alone!

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